3D Render project

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What if Franco, the Spanish dictator, came back to life as an AI? What would happen? I created this short 3D film during my last year of college. For this project, I designed the sound, composed the lighting, music, and 3D elements, and did the animation to create a creepy atmosphere that leaves you uncertain of what will happen next.


I’d say I achieved the mood and feel I was looking for. I am pretty happy and satisfied with the end result, and even though the Franco part was added afterward and I had never planned to include him, I think that, in the end, he adds some much-needed humor to the story, which, with all that mystery, was necessary.

Problems encountered

In my Franco scene, I didn’t render enough frames initially, so after rendering a significant portion, I had to go back and render the bits that were left out. Unfortunately, I had completely changed the lighting setup for my next scene and didn’t remember the original setup. Since I didn’t save a copy of the previous setup, the final render shows a noticeable change in lighting in the last few seconds of the Franco shot.

What would I’ve done different

If I were to start over on this project, I would have investigated better ways to time the music with the scenes more efficiently. Additionally, I would ensure to save all versions of the file as I update it. That way, if I am missing frames to render, it won’t be a problem to go back and render a few more bits.

Full project evaluation here

If you wish to read the full project evaluation detailing how each shot was made, you can do so by clicking on the button. For any other questions, please email info@motionbyzoe.com. Thanks!